The Class IV: The Foundation of Anterior Direct Resin Aesthetics

Dr. Jason Smithson


Direct resins in the anterior dentition can produce functional, highly aesthetic long lasting restorations, which are conservative of tooth structure. However, with the rise of aesthetic dentistry in the media, the public as consumers are becoming increasingly discerning: they expect and demand the best.

Dr Smithson aims to unravel and demystify concepts such as resin selection and micro and macro-anatomy and pull them together into a simple step-by-step protocol which includes preparation, composite placement and finishing, allowing the average practitioner to achieve outstanding results on a consistent basis.


Learning Objectives

  1. Translucency, opacity and opalescence: why all composite resin is not created equal.
  2. A simple, rapid, yet novel concept to make incisal edge shade and effects obvious and effortless.
  3. Opaque dentin shades: when and where to use them…and why.
  4. Simple, intuitive finishing protocols, which allow the operator to produce highly, polished restorations, which mimic natural enamel
  5. The importance of line angles and height of contour
  6. Creating tertiary anatomy such as perikymata and fracture lines.


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